Evidence-based guidance to scale-up integrated care in Europe






European Commission (EC)


3rd Health Programme

VIGOUR is a project co-funded by the EU’s Health Programme addressing key questions on how to put integrated care into practice. Having started in January 2019, VIGOUR is designed to guide and support 16 care authorities across seven European countries in making progress towards the provision of sustainable models for care integration. This will be achieved through the delivery of an evidence-based integrated care support programme designed to understand and guide the VIGOUR care authorities through a staged process of analysis, advice on good practice and training in care system capacity and capability building and implementation approaches at the operational, organisational and strategic levels of stakeholders involved in different localities throughout Europe. In practice, care authorities will be supported in focussing their care integration ambitions, in operationally preparing the implementation of good practice suitably aligned to any prevailing local circumstances, and finally in rolling out these practices to at least one percent of their overall target population in the framework of local scaling-up projects as an integral part of project plans. Knowledge exchange and mutual learning throughout this process will be enhanced by a twinning scheme bringing together VIGOUR “pioneer” care authorities with “followers”. Further care authorities will benefit from the experiences gained by the VIGOUR participants throughout the staged scaling-up process in terms of dedicated webinar and podcast programmes.