European Commission (EC)



VPH-Share will develop the organisational fabric (the infostructure) and integrate optimised services to expose and share data and knowledge, jointly develop multiscale models for the composition of new VPH workflows and facilitate collaborations within VPH community.

Four flagship workflows (from @neurIST, euHeart, VPHOP, Virolab) provide existing data, tools and models, engage with the services developed by VPH-Share drive the development of the infostructure, and pilot its applications. Data sources are usually clinical data from individual patients – medical images and/or biomedical signals ““ sometimes with population information. The operations range from secure access and storage through annotation, data inference and assimilation, to complex image processing and physics-mathematical modelling, to data reduction and representation. The project focuses on bottleneck ““ the interface with the wealth of data from medical research infrastructures from clinical processes. VPH-Share will provide the essential services, as well as computational infrastructure, for the sharing of clinical and research data and facilitating the construction and operation of new VPH workflows, and collaborations between the members of the VPH community. Evaluating the effectiveness and fitness-for-purpose of the infostructure and developing a thorough exploitation strategy are activities, creating confidence in the communities. The consortium, through its optimal of medical, mathematical, engineering, software & hardware and industrial knowledge expertise from the EU and internationally, will make this effort a success, delivering European citizens clinically useful outcomes that will benefit society.